It is said “Marriages are made in heaven”, and Agarwal Ladki Ladka has been devoted to this ideology. Being true to its values, it has created successful wedlocks from the days of its early conception and given a fundamental meaning to the sanctity of marriage.

From humble beginnings, starting 2013, Agarwal Ladki Ladka has been fervently working on its sole mission of creating meaningful unions exclusively for the Agarwal community. The prominence of the site bloomed right from the start, when visionary Rashmi Garg, planted the seeds of bringing two beautiful souls together.


Love binds all, and every existence yearns for a companion to share this wonderful experience we call life. We all desire to be blissful and content in our lives and want to unfurl this beauty of loving and being loved, not only with our partners but also with our progenies.

They say that there is always someone out there waiting for you to shower them with your affection and who will reciprocate in the same unconditional manner. But in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, where various other priorities try and top the table, somewhere this sentiment remains subdued. 


We at Agarwal Ladki Ladka understood this predicament and hence came about designing this portal to introduce you to millions of potential matches not only in India but overseas too. Our database spans far and wide covering most of the Europe and the Americas. We aspire to touch the hearts of the Agarwals at every corner of the world very soon. 


Our honest effort is, and always has been, to give out our courtship services for free. We always felt that searching for a potential partner, to walk towards a divine objective of building a family doesn’t require a commercial barrier. This feature packed site has been built in a way that brings about convenience in knowing so much more about your match. Members can look up profiles of potential matches, make contact through the messaging service, shortlist profiles, express interest and plenty more.

With this passion, Agarwal Ladki Ladka stands tall as a pillar of hope and opportunity for every individual under the Agarwal fraternity to find the significant other. May the real essence of marriage in its truthfulness and purity, bring forth the abundance of happiness in every individual’s lives; and that is what we pray.


If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties in using the site, please feel free to contact our friendly team via the contact information provided on the site and we will always be happy to help. We wish you all the very best in your search for your perfect Agarwal!